Welcome to Durcan Services
Welcome to Durcan Services

Exterior Walls - Preparation & Repairs

As with any home repair, renovation or general improvement preparation is the key to a high quality and long-lasting finish. All of our wall coatings come with guarantees but to insure the product and installation outlast these guarantees, detailed and thorough preparation is an essential element of every wall coating contract Durcan Services undertakes.


Homeshield - Exterior Walls cleaning downCleaning Down

All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned by either power

washing or if required wire brushing. Years of grime, mould, algae and other contaminants are removed. All loosely

adhered or delaminated paint work is removed.


A process known as 'needle-gunning' may be required. This will identify any damaged render, brickwork, roughcast, pebbledash etc. A biocidal wash is then applied to eliminate any underlying spores and prohibit further growth.



Homeshield - Exterior Walls maskingMasking Up

This process protects all doors, windows, paths and surrounding areas that are not being treated. This is achieved by masking up with tape, heavy duty paper, polythene and dust sheets.


Whilst working we take great care to protect driveways and adjoining properties.



Homeshield - Exterior Walls renderingWall Restoration, Repair Work & Fairing Coat

Damaged render and decaying brickwork is removed and all cracks are chased out. Fibre re-inforced, polymer-modified cements (GRC) are used for repairs to ensure a perfect bond Previously unpainted areas such as brickwork or pebbledash

then benefit from a 'fairing' coat with polymer-modified render to fill small air holes and soften any brick lines.



For more information on how we can help improve the look of your property, call us today on 0800 77 20206. We offer a free, no obligation assessment and quotation.

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