Welcome to Durcan Services
Welcome to Durcan Services

Exterior Walls - Wall Renders

Durcan Services specify and install a range of high performance renders for either patch repair of damaged and blown render or complete re-renders.

Where walls are particularly difficult to render GRC (Glassfibre Re-enforced Cement) is used to insure a perfect bond between the brick, stone or blockwork and the render.



Homeshield - Exterior Walls maskingGCR Render

The GRC render comes in pre-mixed bags to guarantee consistency (poor consistency of mix is often the reason behind traditional render failure) and will extend the life of your rendered wall.



  • A more durable, hi-bond and crack resistant render than conventional sand and cement mixes
  • High tensile strength and impact resistant
  • Adheres well to typically difficult to render surfaces e.g. pebbledash, hard brick or previously painted walls
  • Water repellant
  • Delivered in pre-mixed bags direct from the factory, so consistency is guaranteed
  • Helps avoid typical problems of cracking in traditional render
  • The ultimate base coat render.



Complete Re-renders

Ideal for homeowners who are looking to transform the look of their property by covering over existing brick, block, stone, pebbledash and other uneven finishes. A GRC base coat is used to ensure a perfect bond between render and substrate.


Smooth or textured decorative finishes can then be applied in a colour of your choice.


For more information on how we can help improve the look of your property, call us today on 0800 77 20206. We offer a free, no obligation assessment and quotation.

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