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Welcome to Durcan Services

Commercial Fencing

As a business ourselves we understand the importance of protectng facilities against the risk of intrusion or attack. Our commercial fencing can be tailor-made to accomodate specific site requirements, This is ensuring that protection at any facility is the best and most secure it can possibly be.


Garden and home security is major concern to many homeowners which can be solved by installing secuirty fencing. If it's a decorative yet secure fence or something more intimitdating we can provide all aspects.




We offer the following comercial fencing:

  • Metal fencing
  • V Mesh Security Fencing
  • Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing is reowned as ther most popular secuirty fence. Designed to be strong and durable, providing excellent protection aganst any would be intrusions to any facility. Although all palisade fencing may look the same, there is a vast range o sepcification xombinations to choose from, this means theres a fence to suit any budget.

It has D or W profile to vary specifications including gas, water & electric companies and public sector specifications. 

D - General 3.0mm, Industrial 3.5mm 4.0mm

W - General 2.0mm Industrial 2.5mm 3.0mm

  • Posts

Posts are avalible with welded fishplates or slotted, complete with loose fishplates that can be concreted-in. Base planted for bolting down or cranked, the posts can be vertically extended to take barbed or razor wire./

  • Panels

Palisade fencing panel can be easily raked to allow for most site conditoins, they can also be welded for added secuirty.

  • Fixings

All fixings with palisade fencing is anti-vandal

V Mesh Security Fencing

V Mesh Secuirty Fencing offers the perfect balance between cost and secuirty. It has been designed to add an aesthetic appeal to the mesh fencing range, a high performancer system complete with excellent appearance. All fencing is made from the highest quality matericals designed to last and keep protecting your premises for years to come.


  • Panels

Panels are manufactured using 5mm wire which is welded at each                intersection complete with inserted beams. This creates a strong and durable panel, the mesh apeture consists of a 200 x 5mm mesh spacing providing excellent see through visability.


  • Post System

All posts include threaded inserts, leaving a clean and flush design to the rear face. We can also prepare fence posts to take electric security fence on the back and work closely along side the major electric security fence manufacturers,



Metal Fencing

Along with being able to offer security fencing we also cater to metal fencing to suit any budget. Our expetise will ensure your fencing and acess systems meets the highest standards in terms of product throughh to installation with offering best value for money over a long term basis. 


Metal fencing ranges from lower secuirty applications such as chainlink fencing through to high secuirty requirements such as mesh fencing. 



For more information on how we can help improve the look of your property, call us today on 0800 77 20206. We offer a free, no obligation assessment and quotation

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