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Welcome to Durcan Services

Wooden Fencing

Fencing is a versatile favourite that can offer privacy from the neighbours, protection from the elements or make your home more secure. And wooden panel fencing is the most popular type used for boundaries. It's fairly easy to erect and often more economic than building a wall, though like all outdoor wooden structures, it'll require some maintenance over the years but dont worry we can do that for you aswell!


Wooden fences are more than just a fence, they can be used for commercial and residential applications. The benefits of wooden fencing are that they reduce noise significantly, high privacy and secuirty, low visual impact and they can have an attractive finish.

Overlap Panels

Overlap Panel Fencing is a sturdy, well-built example of traditional privacy fencing. The overlap slate design is for increaed privacy no matter where the fencing is placed.

We can also place a single or double gate to suit. 

Fence panels can be easily replaced or erected where needed. You can choice between wooden or concrete posts on all fencing.



Closeboard Panels

The wooden Close Board fencing panels are fence panels formed from vertical feather edge board. Each partially overlapped and fixed to several rear horizontal supporting wooden rails. Close Board panels are traditionally used for boundary screening and are more robust than the common waney panels.

Decorative Panels

Does your garden require a facelift? Then you should consider Durcan Services to install some new continetal-style decorative panels.


Any decorative fence style would compliment the look of any area. These panels also make handsome garden divides, breaking up your garden for different functions from food production, flower beds, entertaining space or even hiding a shed.

Feather Edge Panels

Feather Edger fence panels are vertical structured ideal for those who require a particularly strong fence. Their durable timber construction has been designed to keep them lasting for longer.  It's not a fancy contemporary fenxe, hasn't got any exciting or fussy wavey-topped trellis. It's just a standard strong privacy dence made from overlapping pales that are affixed to horizontal rails, that in turn are secured to posts dug into the ground, at a certain height. A ubiquitous, generic fence, that offers an inoffensive neutral and strong backdrop for your garden.




For more information on how we can help improve the look of your property, call us today on 0800 77 20206. We offer a free, no obligation assessment and quotation

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