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When dealing with Access Control Systems, Durcan Services Limited has a vast knowledge & experience to ensure we select the appropriate solution for you.
Our company is accredited with particular suppliers to implement and support a wide range of system type, ranging from small stand alone to multi site & enterprise wide solutions. We also deal with a complete range of reading technology from standard proximity, smart card technology through to biometric reading technology.
Our solutions can be designed to drive value and achieve efficiencies from you business by linking access control to other business systems. For example we can integrate ODBC compliant data bases using common IT standards to share information, we can link the access control system to your active directory, we can use access control cards for multi purposes, e.g. cashless vending and printing control.
We also install access control into a wide variety of environments and locations for all market sectors.
We start by responding to your specified performance requirement or offer advice to provide systems that will genuinely delver the performance required.


Most systems fall into the following distinctive categories of operation:

  • Small stand alone access control systems for a few doors
  • Medium sized systems linked back to a customer PC for centralised management
  • Enterprise wide solutions for organisations with multiple sites

Customer Consultation to provide the right system for you

When dealing with customer requirements, we always ask how you intend to operate your system and consult your business to ensure the right level of functionality is provided. 
We will discuss these requirements in a practical sense and then select the most appropriate solution for you. We also always try and offer a base solution which deals with today 
and can accommodate tomorrow in terms of flexibility and expansion. Our systems offered are usually modular and upgradable via software modules and additional licensing, providing you with added features. Our “pay as you grow” designs ensure you do not overspend and only invest when the need arises..

We also respect that when selecting a system your investment needs to be protected. We only use credible equipment manufacturers that have a strong support arrangement in the UK. Access Control Systems are primarily a software based solution and software developments make manufacturer support of paramount importance. We also establish the support plans and ongoing software costs which are often overlooked and not budgeted for. Some manufacturers have expensive support models, which are not always necessary and we take this into account when advising our customer on system selection.

We are accredited by a wide selection of leading manufacturers to design, install and support Access Control equipment.

Access Control Integration

We can make the access control system become an integrated Security Management System (SMS) where graphical maps are used to display CCTV cameras / Alarm Management / PA Audio plus much more with full system interaction and Cause & Effect to automate actions for system operators.



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