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There are two types of smoke ventilation systems and it is important not to confuse the two:

Smoke Clearance Systems

These are installed in the corridors and stairwells of hotels, blocks of flats and the like and in enclosed or underground car parks. Their purpose is to ventilate the affected spaces which may become completely smoke logged following a fire. They are intended to clear the smoke to facilitate access. They are not specifically intended to offer protection to occupants escaping the building.

Life Safety Smoke Ventilation Systems

These are intended to provide a level of protection to people escaping the building. They are typically installed in shopping centres or malls, retail and private warehouses, public and industrial buildings and the like where due to the design of the buildings the escape routes to outside are complex or escape distances are greater then those recommended in the building regulations.

AOV Single Zone Control PanelSuch systems are designed so that the expected quantity of smoke is vented from the area leaving a layer of clean air below. Within this clear layer people are able to pass and exit the building safely. Smoke ventilation systems do not generally have any influence on the size of a fire in the building and they are therefore often used in conjunction with water sprinkler systems which can often contain the fire to a predetermined size.

There are many benefits of Automatic Opening Vents:

  • Improve smoke ventilation
  • Improved cost effciency
  • Improved energy effciency
  • Improved natural ventilation
  • A lower carbon footprint
  • Stronger all-round fire safety and security system
  • Easier fire and rtescue access

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