Public Address /PAVA System Installation

Durcan Services design, install and support Public Address systems of all sizes and complexity. With years of experience, we provide a tailored solution to meet your requirements from design through to installation and servicing.  

Public Address/Background Music Systems - For entities with a separate fire detection and fire alarm system, Durcan provide competitively priced systems that allow public announcements and background music playing. These simple solutions have the ability to prioritise voice messages over music and can call all or zoned areas of your building. Examples of this would be public access areas such as shops or small public venues including health clubs or amateur sports grounds.


Bespoke Public Address Systems - a Durcan speciality, using IP technology to design a building-wide audio system which encompasses the needs of the entire building or campus. An example of this is a modern leisure centre where the building not only requires Public Address and Background Music but also specific zoned systems for Gym, Swimming Pool and outdoor recreational areas. These systems need to work in unison with other services such as pool alarm, personal safety systems, digital signage. Durcan can provide a tailored, cost effective solution to meet your requirements. 

Public VAS/PAVA Voice Activation Systems - also known as Public Address Voice Alarm systems are installed in premises which require accurate guided spoken messages to compliment fire detection systems and aid safe evacuation in often challenging situations.

This type of system is a legal requirement for buildings with crowded public areas where people will not have been briefed on fire and evacuation strategies, such as Stadiums and shopping centres. Directed, automated messages are used for phased evacuation of venues to avoid crowding of exit areas. These systems are designed to continue working effectively even after certain parts of the system have been damaged.


Working in conjunction with Fire Officers, building safety managers and evacuation plan designers, we design a system which will deliver the best cost/result ratio within the sector. Strategically placed emergency microphones form part of the system to allow the Emergency Services to take over the evacuation, manually from safe locations. Sounders and Bells have been found to be ineffective and counter-productive in such high density installations and often lead to panic and slow evacuation due to a lack of accurate information. Voice commands have been proven to reduce risk and panic, aiding evacuation times by up to 50%. 


BS5839-8:2013 forms the British Standard is a code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of voice alarm systems. Durcan can offer advice and surveys, both intrusive and non– intrusive, as well as offering maintenance and ad-hoc upgrades as required.


Please contact us on 0800 7720206 or email to discuss your requirements.

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