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We currently provide fire sprinkler services to some of the UK's largest wharehouses and manufacturing plants. Thse services include regular servicing and maintenance of sprinkler pumps to ensure that in the event of a fire the sprinkler system performs successfully as it has been designed and installed to do so.



Why does my house have a domestic fire sprinkler system installed in it?


It's still unusual to find a fire sprinkler syste installed in the family home, but they are being specified more and more in new build properties or retrospectively in traditional houses where additiojal living space is planned. 

The answer currently is that they are a mandatory requirement in new houses if you live in Wales. However, as this is not a mandatory requirement in the rest of the UK, if you don’t live in Wales what is the answer to the question ?


There are several reasons why a domestic  fire sprinkler system could be installed in a property. Surprisingly, there are very few systems which are installed in order to enhance the safety of the family who are living in a property which already conforms to every aspect of ADB (approved document B – fire safety) !


Or, to put it another way, there is a 95% chance that the fire sprinkler system has been installed in your property in order to compensate for a shortcoming in the usual degree of fire protection which homes are provided with normally. This explains the importance of annual testing of residential fire sprinkler systems


Does that mean that my family are more vulnerable if there is a fire?


No. Your family stands a much better chance of surviving a fire with a fire sprinkler system that conforms to BS 9251 installed in your property provided that it has been installed properly and maintained regularly.

Annual Testing Of Domestic Sprinkler Systems:

If you live in a property which has a fire sprinkler system, there are some things that you need to know


There may have been little reference to the residential fire sprinkler system installed within your property when you purchase it. Chances are, there was no reference either to the annual testing of residential fire sprinkler systems at all. The fact that residential fire sprinkler systems must be carried out on an annual basis was probably, not mentioned. You may have noticed the small flat plates mounted in the ceiling but, because there were so many other things to be considered, you thought that this would be just one more issue to be addressed when you have more time.


Apart from the more obvious questions which you may well have been given answers to before you purchased the property, did you ask the question:

Why Have Domestic Fire Sprinkler Testing Carried Out?

  • The safest house for you and your family to live in is a house which meets the requirements of ADB (approved document B – fire safety) of the building regulations  and also has a home fire sprinkler system installed.
  • However, a house which does not comply fully to ADB but does have a residential fire sprinkler system installed is considered safer than a property which conforms to ADB but which doesn’t have a fire suppression system installed.
  • The most important consideration is that the system will actually operate when required and this involves having the installation properly designed and fitted in the first place and properly maintained by a reputable residential fire sprinkler company.
  • Domestic and residential fire sprinkler systems do need to be maintained on an annual basis especially storage based systems. Part of the yearly test must be a dynamic flow test.



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