Home Intruder Alarm Systems

A home alarm systems can be a highly effective deterrent, a survey has shown that 60% of intruders would be discouraged from targeting a house if they knew it had a home alarm.


Whether its going to visit family, going on holiday or simply turning the lights off at night. A home intruder alarm system can offer complete peace-of-mind, protecting both your belongings but most importantly you and your family.



A professional alarm installation with Durcan Services will always begin with an on-site survey carried out by one of our qualified engineers.We will assess your security vulnerabilities and design a home security system to meet your exact requirements. All our site surveys are free of charge and will form the basis of a quotation.We will never sell you a standard off-the-shelf alarm package. Your property and security requirements are unique to you, and thats why at Durcan Services our intruder alarm services are designed to best suit your personal needs, requirements and budget.


Benefits of choosing Durcan Services for your Intruder Alarm System;

  • Monitored 24-hours a day with someone there to act as soon as the alarm is triggered
  • Fully customisable allowing them to suit your unique requirements
  • Home security monitoring meaning you can check in even when you're away from home
  • Wireless systems leave them hidden and keeps the home looking tidy
  • User friendly - our control panels and key fobs are quick to arm and disarm for convenience
  • Guaranteed for up to 5-years for added peace of mind
  • Additional features providing plentiful options to strengthen security in and around your property

How Does It Work?

Our systems have sensors that can be placed at a number of positions around your windows and doors. When an intruder is detected, a signal is sent to an external sound box and a siren will sound. To turn the siren off, a fob simply needs to be placed over the control panel. In order to reduce false alarms, we can install pet immune systems that will not detect the movement of any animals within the home, therefore increasing convenience.




We offer a comprehensive aftercare service so if you have any issues with your new alarm systems we are only a phone call away..



For more information on how we can help improve the look of your property, call us today on 0800 77 20206. We offer a free, no obligation assessment and quotation

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