Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting is lighting in an emergency situation when the main power supply is cut and any normal illumination fails. This power loss could be due to a power cut or fire, this leads to sudden darkness and a possible danger to occupants. Most new buildings now have emergency lighting installed during construction; the design and type of equipment being specified by the architect in accordance with current Bulding Regulations and any local authority requirements.


How can Durcan Services help you?

Our clients are provided with a tailored periodic inspection service to ensure the workplace is fully compliant with the Emergency Lighting Regulations BS5266. Completing the inspection periodically will help to reduce business down time at clients buildings or sites. We can also arrange for the work to be carried out around the clients needs and ensure that all testing and inspection work is issued with certification that details any potential issues that may occur in the future.



What is the need for emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting is required to operate automatically, give efficient lighting and provide signage to enable a safe escape route. To comply with HSE regulations, all businesses are required to have this and it is required to be inspected by an outside contractor at least once a year. 


Who needs Emergency Lighting?

Commercial Buildings (office blocks, shops etc.)

Industrial Buildings (Factories, warehouses etc.)

Communal landlord areas

Multiple occupancy housing

Advantages of Self-Contained - Single point power supply EML


Installation is faster and cheraper


Maintenance Cost

ILow maintenance costs - periodic test and general cleaning only required.


IThe integrity of the system is greater because each luminaire is independent of the others.


INo special sub-circuit monitoring requirements.

Standard Wiring

Standard wiring can be used. Failiure of mains supply due to cable burn-through will automatically satisfy the requirement for a luminare to be lit.


 Equipment Cost

Low hardware equipment costs - no requirement for extended wiring, special ventilations etc.



Systems can easily be extended with additional luminaires.


Advantages of Central Battery Source EML


Maintenance and routine testing is easier, with only one location to consider.


Environmentally stable in a protected environment: the luminaire can operate at relatively high or low ambient temperatures.

Battery Life

The life of the battery is between 5 and 25 years, dependent upon type.

Battery Price

Large batteries are cheaper per unit of power and luminaires are usually less expensive.

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