When dealing with IRS, Durcan Services Limited has a vast knowledge & experience to ensure we select the appropriate solution for you.

Our company is accredited with particular suppliers to implement and support a full range of system types, ranging from small stand alone to multi site & estate wide solutions.

The systems we install are always proven from an established & market leading manufacturer

Integrated Reception Systems (IRS)

Durcan Services has a wealth of experience in the provision of IRS to a myriad of customers across the UK. We are at the forefront of the digital revolution and are able to advise our customers through an in depth consultancy process about the imminent demise of analogue services and how this might affect you in current or future projects. The vast choice of differing services and options that the digital transition creates are all covered through the collective expertise of the Durcan Services team, these include;

  • System network and infrastructure design
  • Coaxial delivery for systems
  • Digital and FM radio services delivered to multiple TV locations
  • DTT, FM, Satellite and DAB


In a scenario where a customer has a requirement for a large number of TV sets within a given location the installation of multiples of antennas is not a viable economic option.

In this situation an MATV network enables the TV and FM signals to be broadcast to numerous points from one central reception location. Today’s MATV networks are able to carry free to view and subscription channels both digital and analogue although they are unable to carry satellite signals.


SMATV System allows you to deliver satellite broadcast signals to multiple points within your housing stock, a satellite antenna and TV antenna receive the broadcast signals, these signals are then fed through to a number of decoders housed in a rack at your head-end where they are combined into a programming format of your choice and distributed via a single cable signal over the network.

The flexibility of the system allows you to integrate in house information channels with free to air and subscription channels.

Digital Switchover

Time is not on your side - Durcan Services are leading the way in helping our communal TV customers to resolve, in advance, the issue of the digital switchover.

By 2012 the whole of the UK will be operating on a digital only platform.

Durcan Services can re-assure you that this needn't be a major headache, we have the ability and technology to complete this changeover ensuring that you, our client incurs the minimum disruption and ensuring that you experience the highest quality viewing possible.

  • Analogue and digital TV aerial systems, new installations, upgrades and maintenance
  • Broadband and WiFi solutions
  • Satellite TV services including installation, upgrades and existing maintenance
  • DDA compliance - consultation and upgrade service


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