AOV Maintenance

We provide regular automatic opening vent maintenance and testing for all smoke ventilation systems. As a potentially life-saving system, it is important to maintain the reliability and efficiency of each and every installation.


The smoke ventilation system is part of the overall fre safety strategy and under the RRO (Regulatory Reform Order 2005/6) a responsible person must ensure that equipment and devices are maintained in effecient working order and in good repair to safe guard the relevant persons within the building.

Each site requires a preventative maintenance schedule carried out only by a certified engineer on an annual basis with checks carried out by the site supervisors/responsible safety reps at least once a week.


Your building's occupants' safety may rely on the regular maintenanc of the Automatic Opening Ventilstion (AOV) in-place. We keep up to dae with industry regulations to ensure that your AOV smoke ventilation system is always fully compliant.


Durcan Services Maintenace Procedures - The fully qualified engineer will ensure the following:


  • The AOV control indicating panels and power supplies are check for correct operation, including any standby batteries that have been installed.
  • Smoke detectors interfaced with the (CIP) are tested via specialised telescopic smoke testing units each sensor when activated should then operate the corresponding AOVs. This is repeated on each corresponding level.
  • During a full simulated fire condition, all AOVs are inspected dor signs of wear and tear, and lubricated and cleaned if necessary.

Your building's occupants' safety relies on your regular maintenance of the Automatic Opening Ventilation (A.O.V.) system. This needs to be serviced and maintained at least once a year to conform to BS7346, BS5588 and EN12101. It is recommended that an A.O.V. system is regularly serviced and maintained by specialised personnel on a regular basis.


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