Automatic Opening Vents (AOV)


Be rest assured that our team of fully qualified engineers are here to make any AOV installation smooth and easy. We carry out installation and maintence on commerial and residential premisises. With our competitive rates why not contact Durcan Services today for further information on AOV installation. 

AOV Systems

The main purpose of an AOV system (Automatic Opening Vent) is to aid evacuation by helping to clear lobbies, stairwells and corridors in the event of a fire through 'smart' smoke control, allowing a safe route to the nearest means of escape for building occupants. By maximising visibility and reducing the presence of smoke and harmful gases, rapid smoke ventilation also enables the emergency services to find and tackle the fire as early as possible.


As the owner it is your responsiblity to ensure that regular maintenance is carried out. An AOV service should be conducted by a fully qualified engineer once a year. This is to include testing the functionality of smoke detectors and AOV controls. Durcan services' maintenance and installation team is here to help you establish service logs and test schedules to ensure you meet the statutory requirements. This is also to ensure that  not ionlyfire fighters have easy access to fire shafts and lobbies but that occupants or employees are safe.


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