We install and maintain all forms of AOV system and also install an addressable interface to existing AOV systems to modify them to automatic control. We are the preferred installer for many social housing clients and have been called upon to install AOV systems to new and existing residential blocks throughout the UK. We install and maintain a vast array of equipment and have contracts in place with most manufacturers, ensuring that we can provide suitable support to your property, including Velux, S E Controls, Rocburn, Colt, Dyer and SCS systems. 

To comply with the latest building regulations every communal stairwell must have an Automatic Opening Vent to extract smoke. Most large buildings contain sufficient air to sustain a substantial fire, so the well known domestic advice to shut all doors in the event of a fire do not apply.

In fact the exact opposite applies. The greatest immediate danger to the occupants of a large building in the event of a fire comes from the smoke rather than the heat of the fire. Even a small fire can rapidly fill a large building with smoke to an extent where people escaping the building cannot see to find the escape routes and can be overcome by smoke inhalation.

The recognised method of addressing these problems is to provide a smoke ventilation system with automatically operated roof ventilators.


Disruption?/ Don't worry we will work alongside our contractors  to minimise disruption, in the case that if we have to interupt any utilities (gas, water and electric) to your premisis we ensure that we will notify you as early as possible. 


In the case of a fire within a building, more than 60% of fatalities are caused by smoke poisoning. Smoke ventilation devices allow for the life-threatening smoke to be released into the open or to dilute its concentration. The danger is therefore reduced before smoke spreads through a building and escape routes like halls and staircases become impassable.

Automatic opening devices can be fitted to windows, roof-lights or doors. These devices will be linked to a central control panel, complete with a battery backup system in case of mains failure. This control panel can then be triggered from either manual override switches local to the ventilator and the ground floor, by dedicated smoke detectors, or by interfacing with a third party smoke detection/fire alarm system.

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